Dogewood is an RPG that takes place 100% on-chain - with the metadata and images generated and stored fully on-chain.

No IPFS. NO API. Just the Ethereum blockchain.


The core of Dogewood is the class system. As you spend $TREAT into leveling your class, you'll gain new abilities and bonuses to make both foraging for $TREAT, as well your journey to reclaim the throne, easier.

Select A Class


The warrior specializes in being a frontline melee force. Abilities are centered around melee damage and defense of self and team.

Forage Ability:

Heavy Swing

Whenever you complete a harvest event in staking, the warrior has a 15% chance to harvest to an additional 25% per staking period and a 15% chance at a 25% reduction in total $TREAT harvested for when the swing breaks the $TREAT


Rogues specialize in all things sneaky and lucky. They’ll bring a diverse set of utility skills along with opportunities to get great value from their actions.

Forage Ability:

Lucky Find

The Rogue has a 10% chance to forage triple $TREATs.


Mages harness the power of $TREAT to cast powerful elemental magics to lay waste to the foes of Dogewood in both a physical and mental capacity.

Forage Ability:

Explosive Harvest

The mage uses their magics to harvest $TREAT with explosive efficiency and general disregard. The mage harvests 2 $TREAT every 24 hours, Whenever a $TREAT harvest event occurs, there’s a 50% chance to accidentally destroy a portion of the $TREAT, resulting in only harvesting 25% of the $TREAT.


Hunters are specialists when it comes to nature and tracking. With their mighty bow and nose, expect them to provide heavy ranged support damage with other various utility.

Forage Ability:


The Hunter is a master of tracking $TREAT, and harvests 1.25 $TREAT every 24 hours.


Armed with the power of music and charisma, the Bard specializes in bringing various utility abilities to their allies.

Forage Ability:

Song Of Harvest

The Bard plays a beautiful song that inspires themselves and all in their companionship. The Bard’s $TREAT forage increases by 0.1 $TREAT per 24hrs for every other Doge held in the owner’s wallet unstaked, this bonus is capped at 0.9 $TREAT.


Foragers have dedicated their lives to one purpose - “Find $TREATS”. While not the strongest in battle, they make for the most formidable resource harvesters in all of Dogewood.

Forage Ability:


The Forager has dedicated their life to the craft of finding $TREAT. The Forager gains +.33 to $TREAT/24hrs every level.


With their devotion to “The Master”, Clerics bring forth the light to heal and defend their allies, as well as smite their enemies, in a way only the goodest of doges can.

Forage Ability:

Goodest Doge

The Cleric devotes themselves to appeasing The Master, and in return, are gifted with clarity on their journey. The guidance allows the Cleric to consistently forage 1 $TREAT per day, no matter the conditions.


The merchant has what you need. Traveling with a stock of potions and other bouncing baubles, the merchant provides a variety of utility that will not only aid allies, but provide unique flavor and strategic options to any team.

Forage Ability:

Traveling Bazaar

The Merchant doesn’t deal in foraging treats, but rather travels the lands selling their wares on stake. Some days are good... some, not so much. When The Merchant claims its total forage, $TREAT earned will be multiplied by a random number between 0.8 and 1.3.


Beyond just looking cool, breeds will also provide minor passive bonuses to stats, skills, and actions.

Select A Breed










Phase 1


Exiled from the kingdom of Dogewood, after the great betrayal, the Defenders settle deep in the forests - establishing a settlement and gathering what $TREAT they can find to gain any edge they can over the dark forces now residing in the kingdom.

This phase is when we release the initial NFTs as well as staking, recruiting, and other baseline functionality.

Phase 2


In this Phase we will be introducing a layer 2 solution as the gameplay will be more active and we don’t want you to waste hard-earned ETH on gas.

Journey with companions through a multi-act roguelite style campaign that will challenge your party composition and reward you with $TREAT and other goodies each time you begin a quest. As you gain $TREAT, you’ll be able to build your characters up to make the journey even easier, eventually making it to the end to defeat the betrayers in the castle, rewarding you with prizes ranging from unique lewt to ETH.

Phase 3


As in any Kingdom, there will always be feuds among clans and families. This Phase will allow for battle among players, allowing participants to wager $TREAT, as well as further opportunities to band together to fight a much larger threat.

Phase 4+


We are building this game for two reasons. The first is to do what has never been done before on-chain and the second is to create a fun engaging experience for all of our community members. We have our own ideas for Phase 4, but we know our community members may have better ones and we want to work with you all to shape the future of Dogewood!